The Story of a Lifetime


The book "The Story of a Lifetime" is now available as a downloadable Adobe PDF document. The book is dedicated to the memory of Master Sergeant Michael G. Heiser and the 18 other airmen who lost their lives in the Khobar Towers Bombing. This book was originally published in June, 2003 for family members and close friends. The book can be downloaded for free from this web site. Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher is required to read the files.

   Fran and Gary Heiser  

Download instructions: Click on the "DOWNLOAD" button. The file  will start to download to your internet browser. After the file has completely downloaded the file, click on "FILE" then "SAVE". The file will be saved in the "MY DOWNLOAD FILE" or the file you select on your computer. Once saved it can be printed using Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher. 

NOTE: You must download individual parts of the book by selecting the downloads listed below and following the down load instruction. If you download all of downloads below and assemble them in the order they are listed you will have the complete book.

Book Contents

Content  Cover, Dedication, Preface and Table of Contents (286 KB)
Section 1 The Early Years - Birth through Graduation (4,282 KB)
Section 2 The Early Military Years - Graduation to Desert Shield (5,983 KB)
Section 3 Mature Military - Desert Storm and Career Highlights (8,130 KB)
Section 4 The Day our World Stood Still - News Articles and coverage of Three Funerals (16,309 KB)
Section 5 Continuing that First Year - Letters and press stories (6,391 KB)
Section 6 Khobar Towers The Building - Pictures and related articles (4,664 KB) 
Section 7 The Memorials - Coverage of most of the major memorials (9,506 KB)
Section 8 Fifth Anniversary (1,935 KB) 
Section 9 Nineteen Heroes (681 KB) 
Section10 The Legal Process and Indictments (3,215 KB) 
Appendix A Home away from Home (162 KB)
Appendix B Fallen Friend Medallion (568 KB)
Appendix C Whit Peters bio  (282 KB) 
Appendix D The MGH Foundation   (2,064 KB)
Appendix E Miscellaneous writings (2,615 KB)